New, innovative enterprise!

After many years in the fields of marketing, advertising, PR, home managing and family running, I have finally discovered my true calling!

The one big void in the world industry, the most wanted, the begging-to-be-filled niche, is that of follow-up.

The question is no longer who is going to put up the Diwali lights (or Christmas lights depending on your enlightenment)  – the real question is – who is going to follow up with the person who will put up the Diwali lights?

Online shopping? Who is going to follow up with the email address?

Delayed payments? Who is going to follow up with the cheque waiting for the CEO’s signature?

Party? Who is going to follow up with invitees that need another invitation to RSVP?

Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, gardeners;

Mortgage companies, insurance companies, telephone companies, electricity and water companies, banks, advertising and PR agencies;

Spouses, children, parents, sibling;


In the interest of world development, my company – The Fellow Uppers – will now be providing this vital service for a small fee.

Our state of the art technology involves sms, watsapp, bbm, FB messenger, email, phone as well as personal contact for the seriously resisting fellow uppee.

Our clients – the fellow uppor – will be provided regular updates on the status of the project at no extra cost.

Project rate cards are based on the number of follow ups as well as instrument of follow up, with the Super Nagger package covering unlimited follow ups with every possible instrument. This comes highly recommended for effective follow up.

For further discussion please inbox your contact details and rest assured – we will get back to you.

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1 Response to New, innovative enterprise!

  1. laurietmr says:

    Great concept, youll do well with this, good luck!

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