Please tell my husband

The first time I saw B, I couldn’t actually see his face because it was smeared with what appeared to be his birthday cake.

So today is not just the anniversary of his birthday, or the anniversary of my dad’s birthday, but also the anniversary of the first time I saw my husband to be.

And that scene was to replay in my life for a long, long time.

A man sitting there calmly, while a bunch of his colleagues smeared cake on his face, waiting patiently for the excitement to die down, then announcing he had to go for a meeting, before going away to a corner to smoke a cigarette!

No, not the scene of the cake smeared face, the scene of the the man going for a meeting. And smoking a cigarette.

For the longest time ever, the only sure thing in our lives as a couple, was B either going for a meeting or already being in a meeting and the cigarette between his fingers.

And when you have known the man for over 22 years, and wondered every year on the 22nd of July about all the daddy issues you could possibly have because you married a man who shares his birthday with your dad and how your dad was out of town on work for almost ten years of your life and how this man is constantly in meetings for most your marriage then…well, you change your perspective. And your approach.

It does get boring, you know, thinking the same rubbish over and over!

I don’t know whether I was destined to marry this man but in these many years, we went from colleagues to lovers to married to ‘OMG I can’t stand you’ to parents to wonderful friends.

Do I forgive him for all the crap he has dished out over the years? No way buster!

But I am immensely grateful for all we have together and I cannot imagine life any other way.

And since husbands hardly ever listen to their wives, and he’s probably in a meeting, I am requesting all of you to please drop B a text message on +971504539118 wishing him happy birthday and telling him, smoking is really bad for him!

And there’s cake for everyone who does that!


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