Thigh gap

Yup – that’s the new measure of beauty. Thigh gap. More simply put – the gap between the thighs – or lack thereof – defines whether you are beautiful or not. Personally, I would be more concerned with ‘What were your eyes doing there buster?’ but if thigh gap is what is of prime importance then thigh gap it is!

And its definitely an easier fad to work with than the recently demised butt crack fad.

You know, the one in which people wore their pants way below the waist and hip, thus exposing the crack of the arse and a variety of accessories such as tattoos and thongs.

That one was a difficult one. What would you say to somebody who was being fashionable? “Nice butt crack.” “Yours is definitely better than hers!” Or – “Wow! Those pants really bring out your best feature!”

I think this fad was a rebuttal (no pun, really!) of the exposed belly button fad.

Same concept, front side.

You know, where people (mostly female) wore their pants low enough to expose their belly buttons.

After short sleeves, no sleeves, straps, strings, and tube tops, the upper part of the body just did not leave enough to be fashionable with. So the obsession with pants and where you wore them. An entire generation of humans standing in the mirror and deliberating whether they should drop them lower from the front or the back!

Personally I think it all has to do with space. The space between the thighs, the space between the t-shirt and the pants, the space between the pants and decency and finally the vast, vast space between the ears, which no amount of fad following seems to fill up!



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2 Responses to Thigh gap

  1. anand rajadhyaksha says:

    All these gaps become fads when there is a ‘bheja gap’ nas you have explained in a roundabout fashion in the last line.

  2. shahid says:

    Ok. This one is brilliant. I was in splits. Very well written. Very humorous. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks. Made my day.
    Lets have more of these.

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