To tell or not to tell?

My blonde friend is in love again. Not very different from the last time either, its once again a married man. The glow on her face, the ready smile and the detailed conversation about what they did the last weekend and what they will do on the coming weekend, all made it so much more difficult – to tell or not to tell?

True, I introduced the two of them. And when I was doing that, all I was thinking was how small the British expat community was and, really? You two don’t know each other?

The last one she had found on her own and he had conveniently ‘not mentioned’ he was married until she was well on her way to love, lust and longing.

This one had admitted being married, but how he had convinced her that with three kids and two dogs he was ‘not happy’ was beyond my imagination.

She went on about how they were so similar and how they had so many things in common, while I kept thinking about the biggest difference between them – married and single.

Blondie continued about how this was the right man as I tried to convince her the only thing wrong with her was her self-esteem.

She went on about how he wined and dined her, took her dancing and to the movies, weekend breaks to exotic locations and said the most wonderful things and how great the sex was, while I kept asking her ‘and then?’

Knowing how this would end and the mess that would be left behind, I suggested she look at him from his wife’s point of view. Her wonderful, pedestal-deserving boyfriend was somebody else’s lying, cheating husband. Did she really want to take the place of this wife?

And then she said, “Marriage? I don’t want marriage! Why would I want to marry him. he’s not exactly marriage material!”

The penny dropped then, and now I’m wondering – to tell him or not to tell him?

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2 Responses to To tell or not to tell?

  1. bahadur merwan says:

    why should all the living in relations end up in marriage?

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