Worker bee

In the beehive of the world, I have identified myself as a worker bee.

I would rather fix and clean than lunch and giggle.

I would rather not grit my teeth so, when I make the child pick up his clothes or threaten to  fire the new maid after she has been there for only four hours, but yes, I would rather work,  supervise the work or create more work instead of just ‘letting it be!’

The most obvious clue was when  I sent the maid on holiday and almost did the Swan Lake around the broom and the mop.

The dust on the duster was like fairy glitter and the quickly piling stack of dirty dishes, a whole new mountain of glee!

Given a choice I’d rather be waving a well manicured finger at a client presentation, however, in absence of that I’m equally happy getting my fingers trapped under the mattress, changing bed sheets.

Or chasing the dogs into a bath. Or doing the infamous school pick up and drop. Changing light bulbs. Getting the AC fixed. Organizing the property papers. Balancing the cheque book.

The worst punishment I have ever experienced is having to sit and watch while somebody else works. Be it the maid or a colleague.

Most people have coffee to wake themselves up. Not me. I do it to enforce non-activity. I force myself to sit down and do nothing while I have my coffee.

These wonderful friends of mine are sitting across from me. Talking about wonderful things like clothes and shoes and new restaurants and parties to go to. I am looking at them and smiling and being oh so part of it, and all the time my mind is making to-do lists!

I am sure its some form of mental sickness. It starts with first staring at other people working, then questioning their method of working, then offering advice and finally taking it over and doing it myself!

I would so love to be the queen bee. To be pampered and spoiled and to expect the world to be obliged to feed me, while I did little more than held court. If only I did not feel that constant, niggling urge to just get up and re-organize that  shelving system where they store the honey!

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