Good luck charm

Have you ever been somebody’s good luck charm?

Its a great feeling.

That moment when they tell you “You know that day after I met you – the next day everything fixed itself. ”

Or when they say, “Don’t buy anything, just come by and hang around, every time you come by the coffee shop, the sales hit a new high.”

Such joy to hear someone say ” You came into my life and then the promotion and the car and the house…”

You may not believe in luck and maybe even modestly share back all the credit however, that feeling that someone believes you have made a positive difference to their life by just existing, is amazing.

It works for the person who has had the good fortune as well as for the person that they attribute it to.

It puts a spring back in the step, it makes an otherwise cloudy day, all sunshine again.

A good luck charm is that sliver of hope which tips the balance just that wee bit toward all things good.

And if you look carefully around you, you will notice there are those people who seem to bring good things with them when they come.

Sometimes its because they make you laugh, sometimes because they let you cry. Sometimes they destroy your conspiracy theories with a giggle and a bit of logic and sometimes they reaffirm your faith in good and goodness.

Good luck charms don’t always come shaped like horseshoes. They sometimes come as people with positive energies and when you get one, hold on to them and let them know.

Maybe its their turn to receive some good luck?



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One Response to Good luck charm

  1. writingbolt says:

    Yeah; it’s great to bring someone good luck. But, if you haven’t learned from TV, being that charm ends up having dozens of people expecting things from you while giving back very little to nothing. And, being the luck charm can become draining like being a designated driver.

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