Shiny red wheels

At first glance there was nothing special about him.

I approached him the way I approached all strangers. Enthusiastically. Open minded and ready for action.

Did a couple of innocent circles in the vicinity, strutting the stuff. Hoping to get a reaction. However, I did not get any response out of him.

He just stayed rooted to the spot, smug and smart in a set of wheels on a shiny red body.

I moved closer invitingly. Still nothing.

How could something look so inviting and yet be so cold?

Losing a little bit of gusto, I turned away. And just as I did, I heard a loud sound.

My first instinct was to move away as far as I could. I hid behind a wall for a few minutes waiting to be accosted by something monster like.

As my heart skipped a beat, the noise became a low hum. Courage trickled in and once again I felt that magnetic attraction that persuaded me to come out from behind the wall and go towards the sound.

A little warily, I approached him again.  A long, dark appendage came towards me, but not quite. I moved another step closer, my mouth open, licking my lips. Conveying, I hoped, all the right signs. Getting bolder now, I nudged him gently, my nose a few centimeters away from his. Is he game for some fun? I wondered. I felt warm all over, like a summer breeze on the beach. My skin tingled with sensations that I had never felt before. Suddenly the sound stopped.

Just when it was becoming fun, Shabnam pulled out all the plugs and put the vacuum cleaner away. Dogs, apparently, should not be getting so familiar with household appliances, she said to the maid.

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2 Responses to Shiny red wheels

  1. nita mukherjee says:

    That was fun! Very creative post.

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