RSVP – Regrets only

Dear Aditya,

I am sorry I could not go to the prom with you. I admit I chickened out at the last minute. Girls at that age pretend to have a lot more guts than they actually do. You saw through my flimsy excuse but did nothing to convince me otherwise. At all other times you made me feel like a princess, so I will always wonder ‘what if?’

Dear Religious Leader,

I’m sorry I couldn’t attend all the religious ceremonies/rituals you expected me to. I don’t and will never fear God. You see, I just don’t know him well enough.

Dear Long Distance friend,

I’m sorry I don’t always call you when I am in town. I don’t quite understand why I have to hear you complain about your life on my holiday. And pick up the tab.

Dear Mother-in-law,

I’m sorry I could not go into the kitchen more often with you. Its just that your son really does love the food you make so much more. He said so himself.

Dear Boss,

I’m sorry I could not join you for lunch. But I’m free for drinks anytime. I’m counting on the alcohol to numb my senses.

Dear Son,

I’m sorry I couldn’t go with you for the new Power Rangers movie. And I asked you to give me the 10 minute version of the movie when you returned. Shopping is not more exciting, just less violent.

Dear Daughter,

I am sorry I could not go to all your concerts and every single sports day. But you just try stopping me from being there when you go on your first date

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2 Responses to RSVP – Regrets only

  1. nita mukherjee says:

    Great compilation, specially the one to the mom-in-law!!

  2. Arpit says:

    Its an irony…relationships can drain you so much. And yet, is there any meaning to life without the “other?”

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