Unconditional Love

Unconditional love peed all over my house. Then proceeded to chew everything in sight, jump on me and my silk dress, dig up all the grass in my garden and tried to ride the neighbour’s toddler.

I have no answer to people looking at me with a ‘Are you nuts?’ look and asking me why. I have no idea why I suddenly have puppies. Yes, I also have no answer to “Not one, but two??????!!!!!”

About 12 hours after I brought them from the store I knew I was screwed. 24 hours in and I was thinking fervently of divorcing the husband and getting rid of the husband-child-house-dog deal in one shot.About 26 hours into it I tried to weakly make my case with “If I get this right and just get them to stop peeing everywhere I will have unconditional love for the next 15 years or so.

But unconditional love had no such thoughts. I am sure because after setting up the alarm to ring every three hours and bleary eyed walking them into the garden at some unearthly hour, all they wanted to do was play. “Pee!” I pleaded. “Play” they tugged at the ankle. But no. I wouldn’t and they wouldn’t. Not until about 10 minutes after we were back in the house. Then the dam always broke.

Puddles of yellow greet me, just when I think it’s sorted. When I walk them, they drag me through the paths like a roman slave tied to a four horse chariot. And as if that isn’t enough humiliation, I have to sneak all food past them, especially the comfort food required due to sleep deprivation.

I hear people give up their lives for love.So who am I to complain about giving up a little sleep, a little hygiene, a little sanity. However, three conclusions become apparent. Love involves one party making a mess and the other party cleaning up.Love involves one party trying to change the other party, at least a little bit.

And, no matter how old you get or how many lessons love teaches you, there’s a lot more you will give up on before you give up on love.

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4 Responses to Unconditional Love

  1. Quateel says:

    Unconditional love peed all over my house…. Super. What a gem.

    It does that to all who seek it….can you love unconditionally….only then will you be loved back similarly.

  2. nita mukherjee says:

    Animals always give unconditional love, which most human beings don’t!

  3. HaHahahaha…very funny. There must be a store selling doggie diapers..i am sure.

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