Meeting somebody for the first time is generally easy. Expectations at both ends are usually low. Minds are open. If it is socially, there isn’t much to be achieved. If it’s at work, then there is a clear reason why.

Its meeting people for the second time that’s messy. It is at that moment that people suddenly become “Why???” or “Oh, ok!”

Unknowingly the subconscious tells your muscles to twitch or to relax.

Sometimes the second meeting is not a decision, it is an occurrence. Not having had the opportunity to make up your mind, you may hesitatingly smile. Or you may knowingly ignore.

But meeting someone for the third time is certainly fatal.

If you liked them so far, now the doubts begin to appear. What if all this while you were thinking there’s more to him than this and there isn’t?

What if all the depth, all the substance you imagined was there, was well…just your imagination?

What if that hand of his, on your knee, was there all the while he was talking about Ayn Rand and you didn’t notice it till he started referring to ‘her’ as ‘him’?

Corporate meetings are different. People promptly hand each other their business cards, specifying who lies where in the food chain.

‘Black suit with the nice tie’ goes to being ‘black suit must have a fancy car’ – if the card ranks him higher.

Short skirt goes from ‘hmmm’ to ‘has to be much older than she looks’ if she’s senior management.

Somebody makes a presentation. Pretti- ly embellished and gently lacking in any worthwhile information.

Everybody eats cookies and muffins, smile, shake hands, leave.

Collectively, it can be decided to like or not like. Making life so much easier for the individual.

Routine meetings can be treated differently depending on how good you are at fiction. Show  up, don’t show up. Minutes of meetings and follow ups. All depend on a good imagination.

Socially or at work, the mobile phone remains the most important tool for meetings.

Example, you are just being asked ” So, how do we take this forward?’ And you have no clue….

Oops, sorry, got to go, I’ve just received an emergency sms!

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  1. shahid says:

    Its a problem of what to do with your hands.

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