Sludge and sunshine

There are many ways to judge a man. Even more to judge a woman. My favourite has always been what they read. When I ask someone what they read, it is generally an indication of being interested in their lives. Not having developed the fine art of banal conversation in my formative years, I belive that asking a person what they read should be placed before the very personal question ‘What is your name?’  

Lately, of course, it has become equally important to ask “Do you read?’  before asking ‘What do you read?’. More and more people seem to think, reading the daily newspaper qualifies as reading. One bright spark even thought ‘I can read your face’ was an ingratiating answer. Other genius replies include ‘warnings on pesticide bottles’ and ‘road maps’.

I pity the literate that has never felt obligated to finish a book. I visibly cringe when some dolt says ‘that’s too long to read’. You may agree or disagree with the views of an author – but it’s really pathetic when you discuss size in public and not even be embarrassed about it!

See, just like the food you put into your body can come out as pimples or peaches and cream, the books you put into your mind (or don’t) can come out of the mouth like sunshine or sludge. 

Sadly, sludge spreads on its own while sunshine needs to be absorbed. And how many people in today’s busy world would rather make the effort than not?



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3 Responses to Sludge and sunshine

  1. nita mukherjee says:

    Excellent post; after my heart! I tend to be judgmental (which is wrong, I know!) when I see all kinds of expensive items but no books in some houses! Then I’m speechless when a visitor asks why I have so many books!!

    • What’s really amusing Nitaji, are the people who have ‘decor’ books. They haven’t read them, probably never plan to, but have them cause they look so good in the study. At times like these I feel there should be a society for protection of books like the SPCA for animals!

  2. shahid says:

    But sometimes sludge is fun. And esp because it spreads on its own. Sunshine needs effort which is not always fun, more like work.

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