Who are these people?

The world is made up of many types of people. While I have never been too interested in race, creed, ethnicity and such, there are certain people who I remain curious about.

People who get on a treadmill and keep going. Going, going, going. Not going anywhere. Personally I find it impossible to even do a full circle. When I walk, I need to be going somewhere. When I run, there had better be a mad dog chasing me. So, who are these people who huff and puff and sweat and keep going on that strip of a stretch and what do they find at the end of that rainbow that motivates them so?

Mind you – that’s no criticism of those who want to be fit. In fact I whole heartedly support those in pursuit of good health. As long as the pursuit involves going somewhere other than a odiferous gym shower. 

Speeding down the highway at 120 kmph, almost 20kmph over the speed limit, I often brake to wonder who are these people, driving exactly 5 cm away from the back of my car? Hoping some form of mental-kinetic energy will swoosh my car into the next lane. Persistently tick tocking away their lights at me, slowing themselves down, refusing to move into the next lane – even after noticing that the only change I will make to my life is an evil smile and a foot on the brake.

I wonder who are these people, that expect charm will disguise mediocrity and a liberal use of the word ‘team-work’ will disguise laziness.

And who are these people who will spend good money to buy disposable fingernails but will only read a book if it can be downloaded?

Who are these people, I wonder, who replaced networking with gossip and friendship with ‘user-friendly’

And I am sure there are lots of people out there who wonder, who are these people who would rather have pets instead of friends and read a book instead of going to a party.

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6 Responses to Who are these people?

  1. thenotwriter says:

    I would rather have pets then friends and read a book then go to a party. My pets are quiet and dont disturb me when Im reading.

  2. nita mukherjee says:

    “These” are the so-called “modern” people!! Oprah must have caused a flutter at the Jaipur Literary festival when she said she’d rather read a book than waste an hour on Twitter! I wonder about those who waste money (though they might not think so!) on inane activities and useless objects, but not spare a penny to help anyone.

  3. Quateel Ahmad says:

    Like it! And these people are morons.

  4. anand rajadhyaksha says:

    The same kind of people who forget that when one finger points out, four point in.

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