Wonderfully Weird

Each one of us has a unique DNA. A distinct bar code that separates the bad apples from the couch potatoes and the pears from the nuts. It further specifies where that apple came from, even how, and stops just short of why.

Having been educated in an all girls convent school where boys were considered aliens but teenaged girls dancing with other teenaged girls at the christmas party was normal, my idea of ‘normal’, ‘different’, ‘weird’ and ‘unique’ has always been at best, blurred. Having the nuns tell you one semester how bad boys are and the next semester tut tutting at girls who get too ‘happy’ with each other can leave quite an impact on an impressionable mind.

Nature has made each one of us different and we keep trying to classify ourselves into recognizable, manageable broad categories. Distinct fingerprints we may well have, but heaven forbid if we have a laugh that sounds like a bird. Or an eye that won’t comply with its companion. Or teeth that are not set in a perfect, pearly row. Women that don’t like kids and men that don’t like women, even now, can pause a conversation.

I personally revel in these distinctions. So this post is dedicated to all those distinct people I know.

People who talk to themselves – yes, I understand how much better the conversation is and the boredom you feel when forced to talk to about earthly, unimaginative things with straitlaced, pseudo intellectuals

People who laugh out loud  – I envy you and I’m sure you’ll still be laughing when most others will be dealing with ulcers

People who eat their dessert before the main course – you’ve changed my life in the sweetest way possible!

People who love airline food, people who do all their laundry when they are stressed, people who love their shoes like their children, people who spend their entire holidays cleaning their cupboards, people who sms other people at odd hours asking ‘Are you awake?”, people who read the end of a book right after the beginning, skipping the middle…life would be one monotonous drone without you.

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4 Responses to Wonderfully Weird

  1. nita mukherjee says:

    Love the post! Indeed, life would be rather dull without our “weird” ways!

  2. Shweta says:

    haha and all those who love beer! 🙂

  3. Pranjal says:

    ha ha ha..i love these wonderfully weird people, especially the ones who clean their cupboard on holidays. Incidentally todays paper has news about some grossly weird people. Somewhere in Karnataka about 500 devotees rolled on plaintain leaves on which brahmins had eaten meals, in the belief that it would cure them from skin ailments !

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