Welcome Death

 This morning a friend got a call about a death. Not entirely an unexpected one, and yet, can death be ever expected?

Sometimes a poem says it better than prose so here goes…

Welcome Death

Into my life.

I accept

The inevitability

Of your compulsion.

Your helpless


Into a million lives

Or so.

An ultimate promise

Made before any other.


After every single one is broken.

Or has just faded away

Into the waiting arms of time.

Into infinity.

Welcome Death

Because it is a promise,

That can’t be broken.


Because you have to.

With sorrow

In your soft blue eyes.

And your heart


With helpless despair.


Wears me away.

Turns that beautiful baby

Gurgling and smiling,

Into an animal.

That is ferocious

In defending.


In revenge.

And lies to itself


Of the future.

When there is but one.

Welcome Death

If only for your honesty.

Your simplicity


Your undivided loyalty.

And only the discrimination

Of keeping your promise

Sooner or later.

Come Death, come.

And if I should cry,

Forgive me.

I have been victim

To the seduction

Of life.

So many lives.

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4 Responses to Welcome Death

  1. Bipin Pathak says:

    I dont like the subject! So no comments!

  2. nita mukherjee says:

    Very well written.

  3. Shahid says:

    From the humor of Fairy Tale Weddings to Death. Big jump. Something more chirpy next time please.

  4. Pranjal says:

    Nice poem. Yes, welcome death, the last stop, like our very own mumbai local train headed to Karjat. Or like the people who tell us directions to places – go straight…circle…left..signal..take right, keep going straight… DEAD END.

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