Mythical creatures of our times

The Lost Email/Sms : No matter what they tell you, he/she got it – first they didn’t know what to say, then they didn’t have the time to get back and eventually they forgot about it – there is no such thing as an email or sms lost in transit – it isn’t the Indian Postal services!

Customer Service :You know those stickers on the rear of vehicles that say “To comment on my driving call xxxxxxx? Ever tried one of those numbers? Or ever tried your bank’s toll-free number or called up your telecom provider with a complaint? HAHAHAHAHAHA – what were you thinking you poor gullible fool?

BFFs: If Paris Hilton calls those ‘best friends forever’ then Baskin Robbins sure has many.

Eco-friendly: So all the supermarkets are now converting to brown papers bags – what are they using to throw away the garbage? What are their customers using to throw away the garbage? And why is it ok to not be eco-friendly if I pay an additional two dirhams for a plastic bag?

Facebook friends: 300? 582? 720? Ok, now don’t peek, lets hear the full names of 70. 50? 30? I know one guy whose ‘friend’ died and the only reason he noticed was because there had been no status updates since a month from the ‘friend’!

News: Not entirely mythical, but getting more literal every day. News used to be world events, disasters, moon landings, cure for life threatening diseases, now its Kim Kardashian. Will somebody please separate the gossips from the reporters?

Feel free to add any more you may know of in the ‘comments’ box below

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One Response to Mythical creatures of our times

  1. Check out the journos’ incomes.
    Don’t be surprised if the gossip columnist who can get reliable tidbits about the latest ‘lafdas’ gets better paid than the political analyst.
    It’s really a chicken or egg story, or is it?
    Did the people start taking more interest in gossip about people they know or know about, than in events; or that they were always interested and media only adjusted their ethics to suit the market?

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