‘Society’ is defined in many different ways. Broadly speaking, it is explained as a close interaction of a group of people sharing a similar culture or interests.  Whatever its pure scientific meaning , it certainly was and is a man-made creation meant to make life, if not better, then at least simpler for the people in it. Then how and when did it become the oppressive force which convinces people to deny their truths?

It tells people they should deny diseases like diabetes and cancer. Pretend they don’t know their neighbour is a wife beater. Skirt around the topic of an adopted child.

Having been a fence sitter where most rules are concerned, I personally find it difficult to empathise with those that rigidly bind themselves with rules made by others. Often these same people, having led a life of societal obedience become self-appointed upholders of society’s norms.

If they did not do it, neither should their sons, daughters, wives, husbands or any one else that should be unfortunate enough to care for their judgement. And if they did do it – they expect the rest of the world to toe that same line. If they fail at enforcing the rules they have lived by, they become resentful, bitter and in some cases, even vengeful.

And ‘society’ becomes the baton with which they hope to beat people into ‘approved’ behaviour.

How did society become the whip that closed minds use to curb those that don’t colour within the lines?

Funnily enough, if you get successful at colouring outside the lines, this same society will call you Picasso, if not, a social deviant.

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6 Responses to Rules

  1. Shahid says:

    Its the progression from youth to old age. Happens to most people as they grow old and to most societies which grow old with passage of time.

  2. mamta says:

    Fit in or get out – herd or nerd?!

  3. nita mukherjee says:

    Excellent post! Societal norms often lead to suffering for those who cannot (or do not) question unreasonable rules.

  4. Pranjal says:

    The thoughts, words and actions of this double-standard-society never coincide. If the rule makers are like the dadi-sa and kaki-sa of star plus, or like the chair-hurling-parliamentarians, then they better be broken.

  5. Perceptive.
    @Shahid : this does not necessarily have to do with getting older.
    Very often, under-achievers who get no respect are often used by those in authority; and boy, do they really blossom into control freaks! Very often seen at social events where the ‘volunteers’ fall into this category. Such types are also used extensively at workplaces.
    Watch or recall the people you have seen enforcing rules, how many did evoke respect, and how many were the type I mentioned?

    “You look different… ” is a better assessment. Look / think….same thing to label as dangerous.

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