Joy would be…

Joy would be…figuring out how Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City can afford to buy Manolo Blahniks doing precious little besides writing a gossipy column for a publication. In Dubai the going rate is Dh.1/word. At that rate one may not be able to afford shoes from Carrefour, let alone Manolo Blahniks

Joy would be…having transportation that works on the flip of a switch and the words”Beam me up Scotty!”

Joy would be…an i-pill that aborts the calories you ate last night

Love would be…having McDreamy and McSteamy both working at your workplace. All you get at your workplace right now are McSmelly and McDonalds

Love would be…the words ‘there’s more of you to love’ sounding as excited as the words ‘swimsuit model’

Love would be…telling your dog “You are my darling” without fearing a call from the SPCA

Peace would be…travelling on a mid night flight without having a bawling kid in the next seat

Peace would be…being drunk without the drumming in the head

Peace would be…knowing your ex-boyfriends have wives who make their life hell

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4 Responses to Joy would be…

  1. shahid says:

    Very funny. Good post. Keep it up.

  2. Pranjal says:

    ha ha i-pill that aborts the calories.. is the best. Husband would then be popping i-pills like mouth freshners.

  3. tripenator says:

    Joy would be the maid from Maid4U!

  4. Wouter says:

    Peace would be … love and joy for everybody.

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