Either ways

Secretly, I love 5.30 in the morning.

I regularly crib to anyone who listens that I have to wake up at 5.30 am to be able to pack off my son to school by 7:00 am. I whine diligently about how cold and dark it is at 5.30 am on winter mornings. How hot and hot and hot (I live in Dubai) it is on summer mornings. How by 5.30 pm I have been awake for 12 hours and really need to curl up in bed with a book as opposed to slapping on makeup and socializing. But secretly, I love 5.30 in the morning.

I love the way the air is still with the breaking of a new day. As if nature itself is holding its breath before something spectacular unfolds. I love to hear the birds chirp before honking cars and loud human voices over power them. I love to think I have a head start on everyone (sometimes even the newspaper boy). And how I have finished most household chores, the ones I care to do anyway, by 7:30 am.

Weekend 5.30 ams’ are even more special. The road to the beach is empty. The beach is empty. Even the 24 hr coffee shop attendant is yet to become bored and surly (but that could be my imagination!).

The dawn of a new day is a beautiful beginning. And even though some of my friends have threatened to call the police if I call them one more time at 6:00 am to ask if they want to hear the ocean, I continue to await the next sunrise. How can something so ‘everyday’ so ‘taken for granted’ be so awesome?

My ‘not morning people’ friends sometimes turn it around and stay awake till 5.30 am to watch the sunrise. The assure me 5.30 am is equally inspiring that way too.

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5 Responses to Either ways

  1. shahid says:

    In India 5.30am is called as the “graveyard hour”. Its because thats the time the BPO workers working in the night shift often tend to return home. The employee’s cab drivers behave as if they own the road, and can ensure your ride to the grave yard.

  2. Pranjal says:

    Omg….just realized how mechanically I have been living. Never really paid so much attention to my 6 am’s. Your post also brought wonderful memories of early mornings at my nani’s place. Mornings are mornings everywhere, but there was something special about mornings there. The breath of fresh air, the smell of wet soil as neighbor’s sprinkled water in their verandas to keep the ground temperature cool, the chattering amongst women as they effortlessly drew rangolis, the sound of shutters opening as early as 6 am and the aroma of nani’s cooking from the kitchen, it all made sleeping so difficult.

  3. tripenator says:

    There was a time I would wake up @ 4am and go try and catch the first rays of the sun coming over the desert sand!! Capturing that instance was so much fun, chasing light as it dawned over the dunes…..and then ride onto a Malbari joint for some omlette paratha and hot chai!! It’s the details we overlook……..the small things that make the big ones……..

  4. Alison Dennehy says:

    I also wake up at 5.30am, sometimes earlier, at least three days a week (my working days), in order to get the half a dozen things done that I need to do before I pack my children off to school and start my working day. Morning walks at that time are sublime. Kookaburras, all manner of wildlife, I even saw a kangaroo once (I live in Qld, Aus, and our small estate is ringed by bushland). Though I don’t tell to call people at that time, I have been known to forget myself and text 🙂

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