Is it cool to be cynical?

A new movie has been released. Everybody has an opinion on the director, the cast, the location, the music etc. That’s great. Makes great small talk at parties. The director is fresh out of movie school. The actor is so and so’s son, the actress looks really hot…then the concave baldy in the corner hanging on to a Black Label goes ” Oh she only got the role because so and so recommended her, and you know how so and so pulls the big strings” 

But if I was making a movie wouldnt I want to cast someone who was recommended?

Another party, another discussion. Property prices are rising fast. There seems to be a lot of overseas investment, so glad we made that investment when we did etc etc. Some slick haired suit with both hands in his pockets goes, “Definitely an artificial inflation. Same thing happened with hoo hoo too too island, and after the tsunami, its all gone.”

Umm…dont natural disasters have that effect wherever, whenever?

The classic – she’s  marrying a man 15 years older to her – he must be rich, says the socialite who is hosting a charity dinner for orphans.

Is it cool to be cynical? Are we living in times when it is not just necessary to be critical and mistrustful of all actions and motives but also necessary to announce them? Does our lack of faith make us appear more clever than those that believe?

It is truly kalyug when the end of innocence becomes fashionable and humanism becomes a mockery.

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6 Responses to Is it cool to be cynical?

  1. Shahid says:

    It comes to us so naturally, that its almost a default position now. We can be cynical without even trying hard. But tell me is’nt the way you end also a cynical take ??

  2. Pranjal says:

    It also comes from our constant need in life to make a choice and thus a constant desire to know more. And the ease with which information is available makes it even simpler. You want to buy a product, just type the word and it opens reviews galore – the good, bad and ugly ones. With so much info, its hard not to show off. Some show it off genuinely in self-defense, but a few sadistic ones look forward to their moment of joy at the embarrassment it causes.

  3. tripenator says:

    Its evolutionary! From the times of freedom fighters to the times of PS3 fighters……..everything is available in plenty to the newly have’s!! That includes the so called ‘New Age Wisdom’, available in matters of clicks. Information Super Highways lead you to knowledge (right or wrong) which leads you to believe that you know it all, and if that repeats enough number of times, generations altogether start to believe that they are better off, both materially and intelectually than their predecessors. Well the cave man didnt have a microwave, We do!! We must be better!!

  4. Pranjal says:

    True from the cynics point of view. But from the opp partys point of view you can make out which is which.

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