To-do or not-to-do

I love to-do lists. To-do lists give me a sense of direction. They tell me what I have to do and where I have to go. At the end of the day or the list, whichever comes first, the satisfaction I feel when I tick off one accomplished item after another, is simply orgasmic.

So yesterday, when I realised my to-do list was missing I did an extended drum roll, substituting the ears of the maid and child for a set of drums. When it still refused to re-appear, I set about making another list.  But like all great experiences, you can never duplicate the first one. I threw my pen down in frustration and turned to my emails for clues to those important tasks I may have forgotten. Nothing. Besides, I got distracted reading all the forwards that I otherwise delete without even opening them. Some actually made me laugh. By then it was almost mid-day and who starts the day half way into the day, right? So I took a nap. There is something very nice about afternoon naps, especially when its 47 degrees celcius outside. Sometimes when you wake up your face looks like its had an unlimited encounter with botox. The mind is fudgy as you try to understand why the sun is blazing down so bright at 4.00 am. Then you hear the ice cream truck outside and say, what the hell, Ive never had ice cream for breakfast before!

Since I had slept for a good 3 hours in the afternoon, there didnt seem much point in trying to get to bed early. So I hung around a mall for a bit, came home and watched TV and surprised my husband with a smile, when he came home, instead of the customary growl.

All in all, it wasnt an entirely bad day. In fact, I’m sure my mobile phone is going to go missing too one of these days!

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10 Responses to To-do or not-to-do

  1. Good one Shabnam. Made me laugh quite a bit. Keep it up.

  2. hmmm…so you’re doing it on paper? do you have an ipod/iphone/smartphone? why don’t you try doing it digitally and maybe you can even save it online or something? that way, you can always access your to-do list wherever you are, as long as you have a compatible gadget close by.

  3. Hannah says:

    Love to read your blog!

  4. Pranjal says:

    He he he…good. Time well spent. Everything happens for the best !

  5. tripenator says:

    As long as you are doing a visit to the mall every day, don’t worry about the lists too much………..whats important is the visit to the mall – every day!!

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