Okay, I admit it…

Okay, I admit it. I may have mocked self help books and snickered at ‘inner’ healing therapies. I may have, quite volubly, discouraged friends from consulting feng shui and tarot. However, I admit that even I have often felt the need to ‘know’ more. The attempt at learning may have taken a less popular form. Even a ‘non-form’. But there has always been and will always be, a niggling hunt for those elusive forms of love, peace and joy that remain…well, elusive. So join me in this journey and we’ll see how we can gather little bits of love, peace and joy. We may not always articulate it, but we’ll know. We’ll try not to give in to the cliches. We’ll attempt to remember all that we discover. All the while, we’ll smile that annoying ‘knowing-smile’ that the babas and gurus have patented. After all, its just a small stretch, isnt it, from ear to here.

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6 Responses to Okay, I admit it…

  1. tripenator says:

    First of all, welcome to the ‘Blogoshpere’ – dont ask me where that word came from, i have no clue!! Glad to have you in the ‘Sphere’.
    Love, Peace and Joy are in abundance around us, we tend to ignore them – almost like we tend to ignore the things we already have and focus on having what we dont!! But hey what the heck, i am on for the ride babes!! 🙂

  2. George says:

    Best of luck! I hope that I too can discover a little love , peace and joy through your posts! Here’s looking forward to them!

  3. Good luck! It will be fun reading your journey, nice blog.

  4. ta says:

    Well done! Finally she speaketh

  5. Hannah says:

    Keep on admitting….

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